Coffee is our passion.

As one of Iranian’s most highly regarded specialty roasters, we’ve always had one simple goal: creating the best and most sustainable coffee in the world.

Fuel Your Day with Cofein: Energize, Elevate, Excel!

Fuel Your Day with Cofein: Energize, Elevate, Excel!

about us

The roastery was launched in 2017, as we sought to take more control of the sourcing and flavour profiling of our coffees.
As a roastery we seek to build relationships both with our customers and our partners who share in our fascination and pursuit of exceptional coffee.
You can find our coffee being meticulously brewed and presented around the world with select partners.

The findings from research are followed by a desire to find solutions and improvements to industry problems. We are innovators who commit our energy and resource to making coffee better and in doing so we are driven by making the biggest changes that improve coffee for people. In 2021, we started using the modern technology of the food vacuum machine as a means to increase the quality and freshness of specialty coffee, and this project is to maintain the quality and freshness of coffee from the time of roasting until the product reaches the customer, as well as for long-term storage. The product is provided without reducing the quality. We continue to devote resources to research and innovation.. As is the way with that rabbit hole, who knows what we will find and be able to share in coming years,


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There are a variety of coffee-related products available on the market that cater to coffee lovers’ needs and preferences. For instance, coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, from manual pour-over devices to large, automated machines that can make multiple cups at once. Coffee grinders are also available in different types, including blade grinders and burr grinders, which allow users to grind coffee beans to their desired consistency. Coffee filters are another essential product that helps to remove sediment and oils from the brewed coffee, resulting in a smoother and cleaner taste. Additionally, there are many coffee accessories available, such as travel mugs, coffee cups, and milk frothers, that can enhance the coffee-drinking experience and make it more enjoyable. Other coffee-related products include coffee-flavored candies, chocolates, and liqueurs, which offer a way to enjoy the flavor of coffee in different forms. Overall, the range of coffee-related products on the market allows coffee lovers to customize their coffee-drinking experience and enjoy their favorite beverage in a variety of ways.

Coffee drinkers

live longer than
non-coffee users



Coffee events are a popular way for coffee lovers to come together and celebrate their shared passion for coffee. These events can come in many forms, from small-scale coffee tastings to large coffee festivals featuring dozens of vendors and exhibitors. Coffee events often offer attendees the opportunity to sample a variety of different coffee roasts and blends, meet local coffee roasters and baristas, and learn about the latest trends and techniques in coffee brewing and preparation. Some coffee events also feature workshops and seminars on topics such as coffee farming, roasting, and brewing methods. In addition to being a fun and educational experience, coffee events can also help to support local coffee businesses and promote the coffee industry as a whole. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply enjoy a good cup of coffee, attending a coffee event can be a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about this beloved beverage.

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